May 30, 2003


My boss asked me tonight if I had another job. Said some of the students had overheard me talking with another instructor (who just retired from the air force and is looking for a job...duh!) discussing various jobs. Said that there had been a reference call a few weeks ago (for the job I didn't fucking get) and gee, is there anything I'd like to tell them?

The fuck???

Did he really think that I'm such an asshole that I would just not tell them if I was leaving? Like I was keeping it all a big secret? I told the Director...hell, she told me to use her as a reference! Did he really think that I would just up and walk out one night with no notice? The more I thought about it after it happened, the more skeeved I got. I mean, I have more fucking tact than to do something like that and it makes me wonder what his REAL opinion of me is if he'd think I would be low enough to just walk out one night, never to return.

My mother taught me to never burn bridges...but would I ever want to cross this fucking swamp again?

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