May 21, 2003

Garden Therapy

I'm least a little bit. I am distracting myself this morning by looking at pictures of different kinds of groundcover for the front area now that the tulips are gone. So far I am liking the Chocolate Chip plant, the traditional Vinca Minor, and the Vinca Bowles (the picture on this one isn't working, but the little flowers are pinkish in color). I think that the garden area here on base actually had some vinca so I might go check them out. In the "dead area" on the other side of the house I'm thinking of putting in some hosta. They are pretty shade tolerant which would be a great thing for that little corner. Even the few tulips that we planted there weren't all that happy. I might dig them up since there was only a few.

The lawn still looks pretty bad but I *think* I can see where it is slowly turning a bit more green. I don't think it is nearly as brown as on Sunday. Is that possible? For it to look better already? My student said it could take a few weeks, so maybe I am just imagining things. I've been watering, but not over watering. I fertilized, but not too much. I decided to wait a few weeks before spraying the iron stuff. Don't want to overwhelm it by being too nice, too fast.

I'm waiting for the UPS guy to show up with my order. I got a metal rack that goes over the kitchen sink. I'm quite excited to get it, since it isn't wood or tacky or short. I also ordered some little plant stands for outside. I'd describe them but then y'all will think I'm nuts. I'll take a picture once I get something planted that looks good. They should look really cute with the groundcover and next to the pink rose bush in the front.

I'm going to go involve myself in some cleaning therapy since there isn't much more gardening that I can do today.

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