May 20, 2003


No, I don't know the details of why I didn't get the job. All the voicemail said was that they were "going to go in another direction" and, basically, I don't get the job. What I can tell you is this...

I really do feel like crap over this. I'm trying to stay positive and tell myself that I can take more classes and have a little more freedom over my school schedule...but I still feel like crap. I really thought that I had a shot at this job. That I interviewed well. That I said and did all the right things. What I can't magically do is make a little piece of paper appear saying "yes, I sat in a class and learned all this stuff" because really, I didn't. I learned it all the hard doing it.

So I will go to school. I will sit in classrooms and learn a lot of new things and, eventually, get that piece of paper that says I know all this stuff. No matter where we end up, I can finish school. I can finish and get that coveted little slip that says that I'm either smart or had enough money to pay for the classes.

Bitterness tastes nasty in the morning....I'm going to go do some yoga and then water the lawn.

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