May 19, 2003


I didn't get the job.


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Hi...I am a garden geek

There is nothing like a million gajillion hours of raking to make your body feel like it was used in a bad S&M flick while you were sleeping. The saddest part of my morning was when I could barely open the bottle of Aleve because my hands wanted to conform to the shape of a rake handle.

It isn't even 8am and I'm considering the fact that I should go fertilize the back and side yard this morning. It is supposed to be a beautiful day rain! Sunshine! Warm temps! I need to water a bit first, since there doesn't seem to be much dew out there.

I didn't finish cutting the grass in the back third of the yard, but that is OK. We aren't going to cut for a bit, and I'll raise up the mower a bit so that the grass can grow a little longer and, hopefully, be healthier. Next week I'll spray on the iron stuff that I bought (and wear the old shoes, I remember John telling me that much) to make the lawn greener. My neighbor has a bunch of grass seed so I'll go get a bit from her and sprinkle it in the sparser areas that the de-thatcher really did a number on.

I ordered some little plant stands for the front, since I couldn't think of anything to plant up there behind the tulips. I need to go deadhead them all today and wait for the foliage to die back a bit more before chopping them all off. Finding something to plant that won't interfere with the bulbs would be a nice thing. I was thinking about some vinca, since it doesn't have a huge area to take over...but I don't want it to kill the rose bush. I'll have to do some investigating to make sure that it won't.

It has taken me forver to write this since I keep looking out in the back yard. There a dozens of robins out there looking for worms. I'm trying not to be grossed out when they find one. I'm sure that the short grass makes it easier for them to find the worms, but looking at the grass, I see where we really DO need to raise the mower back up. As much as I like it really short, it'll be healthier for the grass. It's all about how it looks...since my goal is a selfish one...for my yard to look the greenest and nicest on the block.

OOO, I just watched the weather on the news. It is supposed to be really nice this week! Lots of sunshine, which is good for the lawn. I'll have to water a lot, especially in a few days (since that is what the stupid fertilizer bag says). The plants are all looking really good....well, except for the three pots that I tipped over in the past week. Those are doing alright, and at least I didn't completely kill the plants. The stuff from seed is finally coming up and looking like real plants. By the time John gets home, he won't recognize the place...which is kinda the point of all of this. I don't want my home to look like everyone else's. I want to "make it ours" and make it special. Pretty. It has been a lot of hard work, but so worth it.

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