May 18, 2003

I am so tired!

Mon, don't look at this'll only end up hating me or something!

So I de-thatched the lawn. Anyone know what a de-thatcher is? I mean the big'un...the one with a motor and all. Basically, it is a power rake that takes all the dead crap out of your lawn so that it is healthier. Since there was so much dead moss laying around and lord know when the last time anything like this had been done to the lawn, I rented a de-thatcher. At 10am this morning. I just came inside. It is just after 530pm.

The actual de-thatching part? About an hour for the whole yard. I think that might have been because they had it set to the fastest speed, so you practically had to run behind the damn thing trying to just keep up. While I was trotting around behind the machine, the WildChild was starting the raking job. We tried to use the lawnmower and just have it bag it all up. Too damn wet. Not to be confused with Cole Porter's Too Damn Hot, since it was actually just about perfect outside today., trotting. That was probably an amusing enough sight but then there was also the mess that the thing left behind. Piles and piles of dead moss and grass. It looked, quite honestly, like total shit. People who were out taking a nice Sunday morning stroll kept stopping and asking my child what her crazy mother was doing to the yard. Well, I don't think they called me crazy, but they sure looked at me like I was. A few times she even explained to them what it meant to de-thatch a lawn. She so smart!

We got done with the de-thatching (man i need to make a macro to type that!) and then looked around. Holy shit. What a fucking mess! We started raking. And raking. And raking. And raking. And...well, you get the point. It isn't even all done really. We kinda gave up towards the back of the lawn and just did a quick rake-over and called it a day. I got about 75% of the grass cut, watered everything, put fertilizer down in the front and then came in the house to die.

Wildchild is across the street eating dinner with my neighbor. She brought me over a plate but I'm not quite sure that I can raise a fork to my mouth right now. It is hard enough just reaching to hit the backspace key.

Right now there must be 20 bags of dead lawn crap sitting in my trash area. I have no idea if the trash people will even take them all. The good thing is, they don't weight much, so we won't have a hard time dragging them back to the house if we have to.

The yard....still looks like hell. However, it is a de-thatched hell and should be looking pretty damn spiffy in the next few weeks.

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