May 15, 2003

hi, I like parenthesis

The trip down for the "advising" appointment (and I use the term advising loosely!) was pretty fucking stupid. The woman felt the need to explain my test scores to me (well duh! I can read, ya know? See that great fucking score for reading comprehension?) and then sorta looked at me like she wondered why I was there. I was wondering the same thing myself.

I did get an appointment for Freshman (ack!) orientation and registration for summer quarter. Even if I do end up with the great job, I can (and will) take at least one class. Most likely math. Eight weeks of math sounds better to me than eleven, ya know? I got the nicest compliment at work tonight from a fellow instructor. He told me that no matter what, I had to start and finish my degree. I'm too smart to be doing what I'm doing. The way to my heart? Compliment my mind, baby!

So um, don't laugh at me, but I think I'm going to rent some lawn and garden equipment this week. If it isn't too expensive, that is. After talking to one of my students (who works in landscaping), I've decided that not only do I have to find a thatcher, I should probably aerate the lawn. Imagine John's face when he comes home to a beautiful yard with tons of flowers and stuff! It is supposed to rain for like the next five days, but, in my head, that would make raking up all the thatching remnants that much easier, right? If I can get it done in the next few days, I can then do the fertilizer and such when it is supposed to be nice for a few days (Do not water your lawn for two days!) and then spray on the iron stuff I got (don't ask me) to make the yard look greener. Anything to get rid of the moss out there now. I swear, it looks like I just took handfuls of potting soil and tossed it out in the yard. That would be where all the moss is dead from the spray stuff. Anyway, I checked out a few rental places online, and from the looks of the picture, I can fit the equipment (at least one at a time) in the truck. I'll have to find someone to help me unload/load it when I am done, but that is cool.

I should end this and head off to bed. I'm supposed to wake up early to help the wildchild with her presentation on the reproductive system. Don't ask, ok?

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