May 13, 2003

Woo! I'm not stupid!

So I got my test scores. I should have studied algebra (even a little bit would have probably helped!) but overall, I did quite well. 97th percentile across the board until we hit Algebra! I can retest just that portion (for another $15) and I just might so that I can at least qualify for Math 99 and not have to take three math classes that won't count towards a four-year degree. One will do just fine thankyouverymuch.

I have an advising appointment tommorrow morning at 11. Which is good...I can sleep in a bit. I stayed up last night watching Katie on the Tonight Show and then had to get up early for the test. As much as I'd like to take a nap right now, I need to go to the grocery store before we run out of salads for the humans and cat food for the felines. I might hit the exchange and see what kind of plants I can find. My neighbor has some beautiful plants in her windows and I want some in mine. I also need to find some grass fertilizer to spray on the lawn. The moss seems to be going away (if I can convince the wildchild to go rake it all out now) but even with it dead, you can see where some new grass is starting to grow. Not that I want it all to grow an inch a day or anything, but I would like it to be much more green and, ya know, grass-like and all. I should water it today as well, so maybe I can find some of the liquid stuff to attach to the hose.

I'm off to change clothes (yes, I dressed nice for my test!) and hit the stores.

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