May 10, 2003

General stuff...

I had a third interview yesterday morning. Same place that started me off with the initial phone interview. Yesterday morning was more of a task-oriented interview as well as some oral presentation skills and more verbal questions.

I think it went alright and hopefully I will hear on Monday when they want me to come back and meet the rest of the staff. I have no idea how many other people I am up against, since I wasn't sure if that is a proper question to ask during an interview. I have a feeling that it is just me and one other person, but we'll see. I had a nice feeling when I was done yesterday. Maybe I will know by the end of next week if I actually have the job.

The wildchild is doing well. She is working hard on bringing up her grades, though a few of the progress reports were still pretty dismal. She's still missing a little bit of homework, but I've written notes to the teachers and hopefully she can get them done and turned in. I also asked if there was any extra credit that she could do to help bring up her grades. She has a bit of homework to do this weekend, but I let her go outside yesterday. I want her to realize that I do trust her, but that it is still important that she not give up on all this hard work. She has about six more weeks of school and I plan on her grades being ALL at least C or above. She'll do it if it kills me!

We're going to Costco today. She is quite excited since she never gets to go. I think I'll pick up some nice steaks to grill tomorrow. I've been quite good with the low-carb eating this past week. I need to make sure that we've got plenty of "good" stuff to eat so that I am less tempted to cheat. I had baked cod for dinner three nights in a row last week and it was heavenly! I think I could eat that every day and not get sick of it. I do need to pick up another bag of fish for the coming week. I'm pissed off at the commissary for not carrying my favorite low-carb shakes any longer. They do have the Atkins shakes, but really, they taste like ass. The Carb-Solutions shakes are much MUCH better.

Anyhoo....a boring entry with some basic updates. No real news to speak of lately. I should go wash my face and get dressed so that we can get to Costco before it is too crowded. I forsee a nap this afternoon!

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