May 08, 2003

School update stuff

So I have to take placement tests...mainly because I have been out of school for like a million and a half years. I'm only really worried about the math portions. I pulled my little Barbie string yesterday and even said out loud "math is hard!" It'll suck to have to take some remedial math but probably worth it in the long run.

When do I take the placement test? Tuesday morning. I scheduled it for as soon as possible, mainly so that I wouldn't chicken out and just not do it. I'd also like to know, as soon as possible, what classes I'll be allowed to register for. I'd like to take as many of the 'icky' classes as I can in the beginning. Get them done and over with.

So uh, yeah. I have a pulse so they said I was accepted. It is just community college...but hey, it is a start, right? Steps in the right direction and all that.

Now I have to tell John that he's getting me a quarter of tuition, a parking pass and books for my birthday. When do I start? The monday after my birthday. A perfect birthday present for myself!

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