May 03, 2003


So I went to Costco....

I found a set of five cast iron solar lights for less than a hundred dollars! They are quite cool and I already put them out in the back yard. I was going to put some in the front, but I think that the automatic front porch light is just too bright and the lights would never turn on. I think that for the front, I'll have John put in some that use actual electricity...he can wire it all up when he gets home.

I also bought the cutest little bulletin board/white board and put it up on the front of the freezer. For something that only cost five bucks, it makes me quite happy!

There was the usual then...enough toilet paper to last a few months, shampoo and conditioner, shave gel that smells pretty, mayo and ranch dressing for the upcoming low-carb fest I plan on undertaking, a flat of strawberries because they looked so luscious.

I also made a stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Dangerous place! I did get what I initially went in for...some Clean Cotton air fresheners. I also bought a beautiful Sandlewood candle that was on clearance for five dollars, a yoga mat and two new exercise videos. Yoga for Dummies and beginning Pilates. I know, I know...they only work if you actually DO them!

The last place I went was Old Nay. Got the wildchild about a week's worth of t-shirts. She was thrilled to get a whole bunch of new stuff.'s beer and relax time. I hope everyone is having a great weekend...

The archives should be back up soon...with the explaining of why and all that.

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