April 28, 2003

Gardening...what a surprise!

I really need to find a good digital camera and take some pictures. I give you all one guess as to what I did this weekend.

If you guessed gardening, you win!

Went to Lowe's and bought all kinds of plants. Came home and repotted every one and had a great time. My poor plant hanger is listing off to one side. I don't know if pounding in some wood to help support it will work. I know that one of the plant holders is heavier than the other, but no matter what plant I put on that side, it tilts. Since there are so many rocks in the soil, no matter where I tried to put the post, I hit rock. So we dug out a hole, put the post in, put the dirt we dug out back in and stomped the heck out of it. I even added some more dirt that I had from planting the roses. Still tilting. I'll try the wood support and see if I can wedge it in there enough to keep the post upright.

Some of the plants that I got...three trailing snapdragons in a pretty pink color. I planted them together in one hanging bakset; Some pink daisy-looking plants (I know, I should be ashamed for not knowing the names!) and some other small trailing pink flowery plants for the other basket. I found some white and purple pansies and split them between five different clay pots. I even put two in my little turtle planter. I even got some geraniums, mainly because I couldn't get over how bright the red was. I split the two between two pots and also put in some white to balance them out.

While at the store I was checking out the little solar lights. Totally cute but man are they expensive! I do like the fact that I don't have to do any electrical work or worry about hiding the wires. I'm sure that I'll pick up a few next weekend.

Two of my neighbors came over and kinda hinted that I was making their yards look bad. I had to laugh! One asked me if I was trying to be in competition for "best yard" in our housing area. The other was nicer and just said that all my tulips made her happy every time she drove by the house. She asked how in the heck we got anything to grow around the back fence and tree. I told her I didn't know any better and just planted stuff there because I thought it would be cute. She was amazed, since the woman that lived here before seemed to like to garden and could never get anything to grow there. (and ya know, if that is true, the woman should be thrown in the lake for not pruning the rose bush in front!)

OOOOO, I did get a blueberry bush and a raspberry viney-bushy thing. I planted them in the same barrel, so keep your fingers crossed, ok?

I've got more laundry to do this morning before getting ready for work, so it is about time to cut this short....

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