April 20, 2003

Gardening and shopping...

So I've been shopping. I'm trying to get prepared for spring and summer....or maybe I was just bored. One will never know!

Anyway, I bought a few things! I know, y'all are just shocked, right? First off, I bought this. And yes, it IS all put up and tied down. I followed the instructions and everything! It is sitting on the back patio slab and is pretty sheltered from the wind. I put a set of wooden shelves out there for all the extra flower pots and stuff that I haven't filled yet. It was also nice to be able to park the bikes under there. I'll let you know when it falls down.

Next was this. I actually bought it on base and it was like $40 cheaper! We haven't had a gas grill for almost three years now. I gave our old one away when we were moving to Korea. We did buy a little charcoal grill when we got here but it isn't convenient to use. I much prefer gas grills...it is all about the ease of use! I could eat a grilled steak every single day if I have a nice grill to use.

I bought all kinds of Easter stuff for the WildChild while I was at Target. Unfortunately, they didn't have the cool metal tins that were there a week ago. I did find a cute basket that will go with her room decor. I also found a really cute crystal star light to put in there. We've been sitting around in a food and sugar stupor most of the day. Thank goodness we did all the yard work yesterday!

Speaking of the yard...I so wish that my digital camera was working better! The yard looks so damn nice! My pink bulbs are all blooming in the back, the purple are all in bloom in the front. I have a measly two little sprouts in the morning glory barrel. I'll have to see if I can find some living plants to transplant or something. I got four tomato plants and put them in one of the barrels in the back. I just need to find something go in the last barrel. I was thinking of some small blueberry plants. I'm always up for some fresh blueberries!


So I'm talking to John, telling him about the new web page and all. I told him about the entry where I was wishing to live someplace warm. He asked me why I felt that way...and really, I think that two weeks of rain would make anyone want to live someplace sunny! Anyway, he said he'd been thinking the same thing. We're all about the sunshine people!

If you have a great job for a logistics guy, and it is someplace WARM and SUNNY...drop me a line!

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