April 16, 2003

having fun at Ebay

I don't actually bid on things, but I have fun. It is sorta like window shopping...

These take me back to my childhood. We would drive from Ohio down to Louisiana and visit my dad's family. We always got our kool-aid in metal cups. I loved those metal cups! I once found a place that sold brand new cups, but I haven't looked again. I just might have to check it out...

With this thing, you truly can call me the queen of tacky! Is it wrong of me to be so in love with aluminum trees? I once found a pink one on Ebay, but sadly, none are listed today. I mean really people....a PINK aluminum tree! Doesn't that just scream my name?? Of course, then you would need this to go with the tree!

I was actually looking for purses, but found this instead. Since I am in lust with all things Shag, it was fun to look at. Speaking of Shag, I also found this. I am speechless! I am in love!

Sadly, I have run out of time this morning. I spent more time browsing and less time writing. I have to go to work.

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