April 15, 2003

Fuckin' cats!

I am so mad at the little kitty heathens that I might not feed them until I get home tonight!

ONE of the little bastards completely ate through the phone cord on the laptop! Imagine my surprise when I went to check email this morning and there was no dialtone! Partly my fault, since I did buy the uber-thin stuff. (You'll notice that it doesn't say anywhere on that page anything about being cat-proof...silly me!) Will go buy a normal, cat-proof phone cord this weekend.

Little bastards.


Someone emailed me this morning to ask if John reads my webpages. He does not. I think that John looks upon this as my diary and really, he's not that nosey. Of course, after I pick him up and he says "so...how's the new laptop running?" then I will know the truth.

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