April 05, 2003

Shhhh, it is a secret!

So um, don't tell John, but I bought a laptop today. I finally just decided that we really do NOT need another desktop and that this is what I really wanted. I love it! I am currently, as I type this, very nice and comfortable in bed, which is so much easier on my back than the office chair. I am still getting used to the touch pad thingy...I keep accidentally hitting it with my right thumb. I couldn't afford the nice one that had the little switch to stop that.

Y'all know that we already had a laptop, right? It was an old Toshiba that John's mom gave us when he was home last February from Korea. The problem is, he took it to work and hooked it up to some sort of stenciling machine at work and I just know I'll never get it back. I asked before he left it was coming home to me...and he said no, they needed it. Fine with me...more justification for me to get my new toy. I even named it Michelle's Little Luxury.

WildChild and I went to the store today (obviously) and also did some grocery shopping. Part of being a good parent is having food in the house, right? Good...thought so. We were quite restrained and only bought healthy stuff. Lots of fresh veggies. We have no idea how that one bag of chips got in the bag, really! I have to pre-cook some dinners for the week. No pizzas will be ordered this week, I swear!

I have some more things to setup on the laptop and then we will return you to your normally scheduled journal.

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