April 02, 2003

It all started with a bribe...

It was late February, 1986. I'd seen him around the barracks but never really talked to him. I wanted to borrow someone's car so that I could run an errand. Everyone said "Hey, ask John. He'll let anyone borrow his car." So I waited for him to get back. When I saw him drive up, I met him outside on the steps. He was with is friend, Ron. I asked if I could use his car for about an hour. Before John could answer, Ron said, "Sure, you can use his car...you just have to go to Juarez with us tonight!" I looked at John and there was a big smile on his face. I agreed. I got his keys and went to my room to get my purse. As I was walking back out the door, they were leaning out the window. They yelled, "If you aren't ready to go by 7:30 you have to buy the first round!" I was ready by 7:00 and ended up waiting 45 minutes for THEM to get ready. :)

We stopped at someone's house for a party. I didn't know anyone and John was nice enough to make sure I was introduced and kept me included in conversations. We finally left and headed out across the border. I'd never been to Juarez so it was pretty exciting. We stopped at a place called The Corona Club and each got a bucket with six small beers. The first of many for the evening. Poor John was the designated driver/babysitter. We went to a few clubs and they seemed to know people everywhere we went. John was nice enough not to laugh at me when I went sprawling across the table when I didn't realize that you had to step down to sit at the table. Did I mention the many beers? I remember dancing non-stop all evening. I was the token dance partner for everyone in the group. Go out, dance a few songs, head back to the table and get dragged back out by someone else. John's timing was perfect and he seemed to always end up "next in line" when the slow songs came about.

It must have been about 2am when I pleaded exhaustion. Nobody else wanted to leave so John agreed to take me home. The guys all said they would walk back across the border and just catch a cab so he didn't have to worry about coming back for them. Lots of "wink wink nudge nudge" when we were getting ready to leave. We drove back and both decided that we were hungry. We had no idea where to get something to eat and just drove for a while, talking while we looked for a Denny's. We finally found the holy grail and got a table. We talked for hours over coffee and cigarettes. We talked about our families, our military assignments, past loves...just everything. By the time the sun came up, I was hooked.

Seventeen years later...I'm still hooked.

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Baby Got (a bad) Back

Sorry for being quiet for a few days. I have been, quite literally, flat on my back in bed. Seems that my Martha impersonation did a number on my lower back. I finally hobbled across the street this morning and asked my neighbor to drive me to the hospital. Y'all, when your child has to help you go to the bathroom it is time to see a doctor. I was poked and prodded. I surprised the doctor by knowing which bones he was speaking of. He said that even if I knew of a chiropractor and could see them right now, I would probably end up punching them if they tried to adjust my back. I think he is right.

The doctor was nice enough to not only prescribe some muscle relaxers ("Wow, your lower back is tighter than a drum!") but also some pain meds ("You don't have a child that needs constant attention....right?") so I am taking a few minutes to update. I have a ton of things that I want to write about but no time really. I am hoping that these pills have me back on my back in a very short time. I called my boss from the ER and he made me laugh. "If YOU are at the hospital, you MUST be feeling bad!!"

I should be able to handle going back to work tomorrow. That is a good thing since I honestly thought today was Tuesday. Anyway, me and my pain, we're going back to sleep. I'll be back tomorrow.

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