March 31, 2003

More random stuff

The morning glory seeds are all soaked. I need to plant them this morning after I get back from the post office. I might stop at the store on the way home since John seems to have murdered all of the tomato plant seeds. Looks like we'll just have beans and tomatoes in the containers this year since I have no idea what happened in the peat pots. They are very sad, non-growing pots of nothingness. I need to find some smaller, very colorful plants to put in a window box-like thing that I am going to try and build for around the garbage can area. Oh stop laughing. I'm still all excited about getting to use the power tools all on my own! :) I just need to measure everything, go buy the wood, cut it and then put it together. I think that it will look nice and the barrel of flowers below it will just be more color. I'm sure that with my budding construction skills, there will be plenty of gaps for drainage. Drainage is good for plants, right? See? Its all good. I'll have to take some pictures once everything starts growing.

I'm not turning on the news here in the office this morning. I know that if I do, I'll be glued here all morning. I have things that I have to get done so I'm trying to get this written and done so that I can head out the door. I didn't see anything new on the newsticker as I was getting dressed this morning, so I'm sure it is just the same thing over and over. "Here we are with such-n-such military unit, on the road north." OK...we get it, we're heading north much more slowly now. Does anyone else wonder how the reporters are staying so clean looking? Do they walk around just before air time saying "Dude, can I have a baby wipe to clean up? I'm on the air in a few minutes!" Is it wrong that just thinking about that makes me laugh?

I'm off to hit the post office, the store and other assorted errands before getting ready for work.

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