March 30, 2003

Martha-esque Stuff

So my wonderful idea for an addition to the box has been tossed out the window. It seems I can't get the sewing machine to work right. The stitches are way WAY far apart and the thread keeps breaking and I have no damn idea how to fix it. John is the sewing machine expert. My job is to just sit down and sew. I know he was doing something with it before he left, trying to sew something on his hat. *sigh*

Yesterday was beautiful here! The sun was out and it got up to about 70! I know, we were shocked too! I went outside and we weeded the flower bed in front. What a mess! It looks so much better now and the wildchild only has a few more dead leaves to pluck out of there. Then I decided that I should cut the grass. After checking for gas (very little) and putting what was left from the gas can (also very little) into the mower, I tried to start it. My neighbor across the street took pity on me and came over and started it for me. I got about two rows done before it ran out of gas. Off to the gas station I went with the gas can. Came home and filled it up. Finished cutting the grass, which took about two hours. Did I mention we have a big damn yard?? I didn't do the trimming, mainly because I could hardly feel my hands anymore. I need to go out and do that today before it rains.

I planted all the wildflowers in the bed that John prepared for me before he left. I also fed the roses, which mostly looked like they were happy where they are. There is a lot of new growth, so hopefully they will start growing like crazy now.

I wanted to go out and plant the morning glories this morning but I forgot to soak the seeds overnight. Guess that means I'll be planting them tomorrow before work. I did put them in water this morning....could I plant them this afternoon? I checked some of the other flower packets and John seems to have used most of the seeds. I'll stop and get some more this week.

I missed John's call last night. For some reason my cell alerted me that I had voicemail but it NEVER rang to tell me there was a call. I had it sitting right here in front of me! *sigh* I stayed offline in case he tried to call the house number but he never called back. I feel like an idiot right at this minute, since I just packed up his box for him yet I left out the letters that the WildChild and I wrote. I will just throw them in an envelope and mail them in the morning.

I suppose I will go plant some other stuff and try to trim all the grass that the mower didn't get. Not quite as warm as yesterday and much less sun...but it isn't freezing out there!

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