March 26, 2003

W is for Weep

There was a sign carried at a demonstration. A sign that read, "Support our troops who shoot their officers!" I honestly wish that I could find the person who carried that sign. I don't want to hurt them...much, but this is what I want...

I want them to go to the family of MAJ Gregory Stone and hold that sign in front of his house. I want them to hold that sign up high and make sure that his widow can read it as she begins to make funeral arrangements. I want her to see it as she talks to her children about why daddy isn't coming home. I want that person to hold that sign up high as the children leave the house for school, knowing that they will never see their father again.

Then I want them to go to the home of CPT Chris Seifert and hold that sign up. Hold it up so that the young widow can see it. Hold it up as she calms the baby that will never know its father. Hold it up so that the whole neighborhood can see just how they feel.

Over the past few weeks I have read some pretty derogatory things said by people who oppose the war. In addition to the sign, I have listened to several people liken those in the military to a heard of cattle. Brainless beings simply doing what they are told. I have listened to people state the opinion that those that die during this war are not heroes. They are not heroes simply because you don't agree with why they are over there?

I was talking with my sister (another military wife btw) the other morning about something. I joked with her that she was "the emotional one" out of us sisters. I realized this morning that I have cried every single day of this war. I've wept for those missing and killed.

Now I weep knowing that somewhere there is someone who thought to make that sign and carry it...

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