March 21, 2003


I'm watching CNN right now.

The "shock and awe" campaign has begun.

Just watching and listening to the video from Iraq with no commentary from the talking heads is more profound and has more of an impact than anything they could be saying right now.

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P is for Patriotism

Patriotism - Love of country; devotion to the welfare of one's country; the virtues and actions of a patriot; the passion which inspires one to serve one's country; love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it.

I sat and watched the news all morning yesterday before I left for work. I didn't get much done around the house. I'm just in awe of the "embedded" journalists and the information that we are getting from video phones and such.

I left for work and started on my drive north. I was approaching an overpass and started to hear cars and trucks honking their horns. I looked up and saw all the people standing on the overpass, waving flags and holding signs that simply stated "Support Our Troops" and "Honk and Show Your Support!" The noise as I got closer was amazing. I honked and looked up and waved. My eyes swelled with tears at the display of support, not just on the overpass but also by the people on the freeway all around me. I even had a few people wave at me as I wiped the tears from my face.

I watched the news last night when I got home and saw the reports of all the protests all over the US. I didn't feel the anger that I felt in February (probably because they were in cities, not outside military bases) and that surprised me. The overwhelming thought running through my mind was this: "My husband defends their right to do exactly what they are doing."

Yes, my husband and I are patriots. It doesn't mean that we love war and look forward to the chance to fight. It does mean that we have a love of this country that has compelled us to serve in the military. Even though I got out of the military myself so many years ago, in a way, I am still service, still sacrificing for our country. I support my husband in his military service. We have sacrificed our most precious possession...time. Time together. Time spent watching his daughter grow up. Time spent in service to this country, service that takes him far from home for long periods of time.

There have already been casualties in this war. Heartbreaking news. Those soldiers were the ultimate patriots, and the made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. You don't have to agree with why they were there or even think that they were heroes for being there. You should damn well respect the fact that they left behind friends and family. You should damn well remember that there are spouses, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that will never see that soldier again. I weep for those families and hope that there is some comfort for them in knowing that the soldiers died with honor, doing what they were trained to do. It was their ultimate act of patriotism.

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