March 20, 2003

Thank you...

To everyone visiting here from a .mil address....God bless and thank you for whatever job you are doing for the military. There have been quite a few of you but I can't keep up with everything. I can only see about the last 100 visitors and that is being surpassed by the time I can check. Again...thank you.

I'm watching the news (CNN) and listening to all of the reports. My heart jumps every time I hear the words "OK, we're going to breaking news now..." Right at this minute, there is a reporter on the telephone who is with the Marines. He is describing how "things are really stepping up now" and "we're being told to sleep in our chemical suits with boots on". Listening to civilians using military lingo (MOPP 4, etc) is a little disconcerting.

Last night we had the radio on in class, though we missed the President's address from the Oval office. I had reached a point where I just needed to turn it off for a bit and stop listening. Just with the radio I felt like I was being barraged with information.

What I'm reading now:
From the Seattle Time-
Talking about the US Military
South Korea military on high alert
And of course, Tom Brown, who writes with so much intelligence and feeling.

From Slate-
Dispatch from Baghdad
A Tale of Two Cities

CNN - the front page is changing so often....just go click on some links and read. It is mostly recaps of what we're seeing on TV.

From Yahoo-
Air strikes; ground combat reports
Burning oil wells?

From Guardian UK-
Everything here
and especially here.

The Washington Post-
Pretty much anything on the front page.

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