March 19, 2003


and so it begins.

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I got another letter last night, this one from his parents. It was a beautiful letter and included a picture. I know what he looks like. I'm not even sure what I am feeling right now. I am completely overwhelmed with so many emotions.

I was talking with my little sister this morning on the computer and she asked me a very good question. Was I going to remove the entry I wrote to his parents? Either entry? I decided that no, I won't. I would hope that anyone reading those entries would feel the frustration that I was feeling at the time. I'd heard nothing and didn't know why, but at the same time I didn't want to push the issue. The letter that I got last night made perfect sense and explained what was going on at the time. Because of various state laws and the need to be cautious...well, I just had to wait until the time was right.

I do hope that when the time is right, they are able to get the information that the state is holding for them. I can honestly say that I don't remember what is there. Not for lack of trying to remember but I think it was just such a stressful time that I have blocked most of it out. What I do remember is that there is a letter from my mother...a letter that I never read.

I have to answer some emails (I've been bombarded but love it all!) and write some more 'real' letters. I have to run to the grocery store either this morning or tomorrow. I want to plant some more flowers and some veggies but don't have the fence yet so that will probably have to wait until the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain all weekend so that I can get some stuff done.

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