March 18, 2003


I'm freezing this morning. I don't know if it is just the weather or watching the news...but I'm cold. Reading the President's address last night (I was in a meeting at 5pm and couldn't listen, but I did read the whole thing) gave me chills. Chills because I, like so many other people, completely understand what was being said. We're going to war and really, there isn't a whole lot you can do to stop it at this point. Short of the protestors going over and removing Sadaam and his sons themselves, I don't see it working.

Hello Rock? Meet Hard Place!

How can you despise the protestors for some of their words and actions yet have a part of you that understands the freedom that allows them to do and say what they like? I feel selfish when I think "dude, our forefathers, yours and mine, fought for our right to do this...are you willing to do the same?" I did it, I served my country honorably. There might not have been a war going on but I don't think it lessens the fact that I still volunteered to serve time in the military. What would happen if our all-volunteer force just decided to listen to the protestors? What would happen if we all decided that we were just done and threw down our toys and went home? Who will protect the country? Who will go on peacekeeping missions around the world? Who will protect our right to serve or NOT serve?

Just telling the world "hey, um, we don't want to fight with don't attack us, ok?" just doesn't work any more. There are people in the world that hate us for some of the very freedoms that we enjoy every day. I can go screaming down the street that I hate the President and, besides some looks and a possible trip to the loony bin, I'm not in trouble. I have the FREEDOM to do and say what I like as long as I am not hindering the same rights of someone else. Just writing in this online journal for all to read...that is my freedom and my right. In some countries I could (and would) be put in jail for having these thoughts and putting them in writing. For that not happening, I have millions of men and women who served this country to thank.

I honestly don't know how I feel about the pending war. Part of me does understand the words coming out of the talking heads on the news. I understand the need to try and ensure that something like the terrorist attacks in 2001 don't happen again. I don't think that anyone can say that removing Sadaam means that there will never be a terrorist attack and I wouldn't even begin to have such rose colored glasses thoughts. I think that in addition to Iraq we must also worry about Iran and North Korea. I don't know that the United States should be the peace keeping police for the world...but if not us, who? Who will make sure that madmen don't have control of weapons of mass destruction (I really tried to find another me) and that those weapons aren't used on those innocents who have none.


I got a letter last night. A letter that made me cry. A letter that, as the tears fell, made my heart soar. He answered me finally. He has a good reason for the letter taking so long. I honestly don't know that I'll write about him much because I did tell him about the journal. Not to scare him or anything, but because some days, it is a huge part of my life. There are things here that give an insight into who I am and I think it might help him get to know me just a little better.

I am numbed by his letter, just as I am numbed by the thoughts of war.

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