March 16, 2003

Getting on with things

I woke up pretty early this morning. I made the coffee, put a few dishes in the dishwasher, read the Sunday paper and convinced the WildChild to finish her homework. It isn't even noon and I have no idea what I will do with the rest of my day.

I need to find a place for the rose bushes. Every place that I've considered doesn't seem quite right for any number of reasons. Thankfully the sun is out right now so I can sorta see where they will get the most sun. I'd like them in the front so that I can see them from the kitchen windows but I don't think they will get at least six hours of sun. *sigh*

I also need to plant some of the veggies and make the trellis for the beans and such. I'm a little reluctant to plant the beans before I get some kind of little fence to keep out the critters.

I'm trying not to kill John for not making a map of the peat pots and what he planted where. He used most of the seeds and now I have no idea which flowers are what. I'll have to plant a few more and see what matches what. Hopefully that will work. He also moved a bunch of the peat pots to an empty aquarium and moved them around. The only ones that I can really identify are the beans, the chives (but can't tell which is the garlic and which is the regular) and the dill, which he killed.

I repotted the mini-rose plant that he and the WildChild bought for Valentine's Day. I pruned it back by about a third while I was at it, so hopefully it will continue to grow and bloom. I repotted two bulbs that had worked their way out of the ground out back. I had them in the living room and the cats were thrilled to have a new toy. The bulbs got moved back outside this morning. I'm convinced that I can only have fake plants in the house. The cats destroy everything else.

I got a call on Thursday about a job I was referred to by the employment office on base. They wanted to make sure that I still wanted to be considered for the job. Well duh! I'm still trying to find something on base so that I can have more regular hours. Hopefully something will come through soon. I am getting tired of feeling like a bad mom for the WildChild being alone in the evenings.

Speaking of jobs, why is it so hard to find a job right now? I type over 70 WPM, know all of the pertinent computer applications (for goodness sake, I'm TEACHING those computer applications now!), have tons of experience. However, my resume just screams "military wife!" so most places have no desire to hire someone that they think is just going to leave soon anyway. I'm looking forward to the day that I can say, for certain, that I won't be moving again within a few years. I have no idea where I'll be living when I AM able to say that, but someplace warm would be nice. In the meantime, anyone in the Puget Sound area looking for some kind of Administrative Goddess should send me an email. I'll work anywhere from Tacoma to Seattle and all points in between. I have a great work ethic, don't take much time off (I hardly ever get sick), I'm punctual and I make a damn fine pot of coffee. When my husband is around, he makes a mean cheesecake from scratch. I'm flexible enough to adapt to any kind of office. I'm laid back and nice to everyone. I'm desperate for a daytime job me out!

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