March 15, 2003

*Poof* He's gone

So we woke up at like 3:30 this morning. Got all of the last minute stuff packed and loaded into the car and got him to work by 5am. He forgot the meds he needed so WildChild and I ran back to the house, switched cars, grabbed his meds and the last few power bars and hightailed it back to where everyone was. At about six, we all decided we were hungary. Did you know that the BK on base doesn't open until like 8am??? We drove off base to MickyD's and got WildChild and John some breakfast-like foods. Drove back to the holding area and couldn't find John. We finally found him right before they all had to go to the gym to wait for the buses. Once there, and once they went into the gym we went home.

WildChild immediately went back to bed. I putzed around on the computer for a bit before remembering that the PX was having a big sale on roses. Two for one (we'd been there the day before) so off I went to the PX. Found four rose bushes that I liked and even found a Derailers CD for 50% off.

I didn't plant them today. Mostly because I can't decide where I should put them, but also because I was fading quickly and needed a nap. I flipped through a few magazines and fell asleep on the couch for a bit.

It hasn't quite hit me yet that he's gone. I did clean the kitchen top to bottom for therapy. I always feel better when the house is all clean. We cleaned out the fridge, scrubbed everything down, put things away, took out all the recycling and did the floor. I'm just waiting for the last load in the dishwasher to finish so that I can put it away.

Tomorrow I'll hit the bathrooms and finish the rest of the floors in the house. Make sure all the clothes are put away and everything is straightened up. I'll find a place to plant four different rose bushes as well as the three lilac plants that we bought yesterday. I'll probably even plant the lettuce, pumpkin and whatever else I can plant outside.

Then I'll sit down and remember that he's not just on duty. That he won't be coming home tonight or tomorrow night. That I can't just pick up the phone and call him.

I'll be fine...I KNOW I'll be fine. WildChild and I have been through this before. I just miss him terribly now and dread going to sleep tonight, knowing that he won't be there when I fall asleep and he won't be there when I wake up.

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