March 14, 2003

N is for No Real Entry

No real entry, just a quick run-down on what we've done today.

We dug up an area of the lawn for a vegetable garden. Put some nice timber around the edges. Looks pretty nice. Got two more barrel halves and filled them with dirt and readied them for plants. I stopped by the job fair at the hospital and felt like I wasted a good hour of my time (it was pretty worthless unless you have a lot of medical experience.) Took John out to lunch at our favorite Mexican place. Stopped at the store and bought a CD and two magazines while John got about 12 huge bags of soil.

We just had dinner (we made subs) and now I'm off the computer for the evening. Before I go though, I just wanted to thank everyone that has either left comments or sent me email. Your words and prayers mean the world to me. Thank you.

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