March 13, 2003

M is for Military

Military - Of, relating to, or characteristic of members of the armed forces; Performed or supported by the armed forces; Of or relating to war.

I almost lost it last night at work. At the beginning of my day I'd asked if I could take Friday off. It wasn't looking good. I spent the afternoon in a melancholy mood. After my evening classes started, I spoke with the other supervisor (who I had snarked at yesterday, so I needed to apologize anyway) about the possibility. He asked if everything was alright and for a split second, I almost let the dam burst. No, it's not alright. He leaves on Saturday and I'd like to spend more than 20 minutes with him before he leaves. At that point I just simply told him...I don't want to discuss it, if I do I'll cry. I'd just really like to take Friday off and one of the other instructors offered to cover my classes. I never did get a definitive answer, but it looks good.

Being a military wife can be one of the greatest thing in the world. If you are lucky, you'll get to live in some pretty fabulous places and meet a lot of great people. We've been to Germany a few times (and honestly, I would go back in a heartbeat) as well as living in Korea for two years. I was so happy to have the chance to experience living outside of the United States once the WildChild was old enough to really appreciate and remember everything. We've lived in some great places and some not-so-great places. I could have done without living in Texas a few times, but that was where the assignment pointer landed for us so many times.

Being a military wife can be one of the hardest things in the world. While you are living in some of those really great places, it is usually NOT where your family is. You can run over to your Dad's house for dinner. You can't drop the kid off with grandma for the weekend. You can't go shopping with your sister on a lazy afternoon. You have to learn to adapt quickly to new situations. You have to deal with a multitude of things that just don't come up in the lives of "normal" families. Like deployments.

In regular life, your husband doesn't pack his bags and head off to go play in a big sandbox. In regular life, he doesn't have to miss birthdays and anniversaries and holidays with the family. In regular life, he is home most of the time. In regular life you don't worry as much.

I'm sure that when we finally get our regular life, I'll miss the military ways. I won't miss the worrying though.

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