March 11, 2003

K is for Kill

Kill - To put to death. To deprive of life. To put an end to; extinguish.

Do you want to know what is at the top of my list from John? "Please don't kill all the fish while I'm gone." I about died laughing when I thought about why that would merit such a high place of honor on The List.

When he was gone last February, WildChild and I killed all four fish. Pretty much one a day would be found dead. We'd have the bathroom funeral and then go on with things. I mean, we FELT bad about it happening and all, and tried to medicate the tank and all, but really....they were just fancy goldfish!

Now we have nice fish. Four freshwater gourmi fish and two huge saltwater damsels. I really think that John is worried. He's making lists of things that I am supposed to do to the saltwater tank. He's going to buy a plecostomis (did I spell that right?) to help clean the freshwater tank. He's stocking up on fish food and making sure the heaters work. Think he's paranoid?

He hasn't accused me of wanting to kill the cats...yet. I'm sure he knows that before they aggravate me to no end, I'd just feed them, toss some catnip on the floor and watch them get their little kitty-high goin' on. Then they will sleep quietly on the bed and keep me warm at night. Stoned cats = mini bed-warmers!

The only other things I could kill while he is gone are all the plants. This week he is supposed to go get me two more barrel halves, a metric buttload of dirt and, *gag* manure. He's also supposed to dig up enough of the grass so that I can sorta kinda make some raised beds for the veggie garden. I have to figure out where I want the planters, fill them and replant all the peat pots of flowers that we just started. I'll also have to finish the garden stuff (yay!!! I'll be in control of the drill! Watch out baby!) and try to make some kind of sitting area out on the back patio. I hate to think of sitting out there without him.

I am REALLY going to try and not kill all the living things in this house (including the child and cats) while he's gone. If I'm lucky, we'll have some beautiful flower pots and some fresh veggies!

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