March 05, 2003

D is for Doubt

Doubt - To be undecided or skeptical about; to tend to disbelieve; distrust; to regard as unlikely.

I've had a lot of doubts lately. I doubt I will find another job soon. I doubt we will be completely out of debt before John retires from the military. I doubt I will lose ALL the weight I want to lose. I doubt. I doubt. I doubt.

I am getting more and more depressed, each day that drags by without an incoming call to my cell phone. I am getting all kinds of "thanks for applying!" postcards and "we'll only contact you if you are selected for an interview!" letters. Then....silence. Soooooooooooo fucking depressing. I'm either way overqualified or my resume smells like dead fish or something.

I suppose the good thing that came from today was talking to both of my supervisors. They agreed to let me work during my "dinner" hour and go home an hour early while John is gone. Not that I'm thrilled about being gone until 10 each night, it is still a little better than 11. At least I know that the WildChild will be in bed by 10.

I'd still like a daytime job.

This has been an Alpha Bytes entry (and a lame one at that!)

PS - as for the weight, no, I haven't gone off the diet. Still going strong and slowly getting down there.

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