March 02, 2003

B is for Bloom

Bloom - The flower of a plant. Something resembling the flower of a plant: “Her hair was caught all to one side in a great bloom of frizz” (Anne Tyler).

The condition of being in flower: a rose in full bloom. A condition or time of vigor, freshness, and beauty; prime: “the radiant bloom of Greek genius” (Edith Hamilton). A fresh, rosy complexion: “She was short, plump, and fair, with a fine bloom” (Jane Austen).

I was outside yesterday and today, trying to figure out of any of my bulbs are going to actually make it until spring. I have my doubts. In a few weeks, probably about the time we get snow, all of my beautiful bulbs will be in bloom. *sigh*

I have such a planting itch going on right now. I want to see things grow, make things beautiful. We had a massive bulb planting party outside over the course of two weekends last fall. I'd gotten a bit ummm adventurous about the number of bulbs we needed (or could) plant. I should have a pretty spifforific front area once they do bloom. We pruned the rose bush and hopefully did NOT kill it in the process. John bought me two whiskey barrels to use in the front. I have some columbine and morning glory seeds and I would love to see if I can get them to grow. I have some good plans to try and make this place look like a home....look like we care about living here.

A few things are starting to bloom...I have some white and purple crocus bulbs that have already started to come up. I am hoping that everything else holds off for a few more weeks. I think we'll be safe once we hit the end of March.

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