February 26, 2003

Up and at 'em!

I'm up and drinking coffee already. No lounging in bed for me this morning.

I'm off in a little bit to hit the employment office on base. There are a bunch of jobs listed on the webpage that I *know* I'm qualified for and woe be the poor clerk who can't tell me if I've been put on a referral list. I even lowered the acceptable job grade that I would accept, just to get my foot in the damn door, work for a year, and then get promoted out of the place.

I just want to work days.....why is this so hard?

Hmmmmmm, I just checked the automated system. I was actually referred for a postion (one that I applied for myself) as qualified! Keep your fingers crossed people, it would be an awesome job to have.

I'm off like a prom dress at midnight. Wish me luck and keep sending those good job vibes my way!

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