February 25, 2003

You suck

Ya know, looking for a job and not hearing ANYTHING back just sucks. At least send me a letter telling me that I am not worthy of working at your company. Send me a letter and tell me what is wrong with me and why you won't hire me. Tell me what I need to change so that I can at least have an interview!

So uh, yeah....still looking for a daytime job. I've emailed off resumes and applications. I've put extra postage on envelopes stuffed with hope and paperwork to ensure that they reach the final destination. I've made sure that my cellphone number is listed everywhere (and even listed it as my home phone in some cases) to make sure that people can reach me any time.

Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

Is it the fact that I am obviously a military wife? Are people afraid that I'll just leave in a few years anyway so why hire me now? I've already been screwed over by this fact. I can't work anywhere long enough to have any vested retirement or anything. I've invested 17 years in following my husband around to various places so that we could stay together. I've coordinated numerous moves, both in and out of the country. I've held crappy jobs so that we can make ends meet or at least be within shouting distance.

When does it get better? When do we get our reward? When do I get a chance to let someone know that we don't plan on leaving here? When do I just get a chance?

I hate feeling like this.

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