February 17, 2003

I am NOT that kind of wife!

Yes, I'm in denial. See, I'm making a quilt...I think. But I don't want to SAY I'm making a quilt since that is just NOT me. No matter what I've come up with, I sound like some artsy-crafty wife-like person. So uh...here's what happened.

We made the padded headboard. It looks way cool (to me anyway) and we both really like having it up. But now nothing on the bed really matches quite right with the headboard. We drove to the nearest JoAnns and found some more of the material. We also found some material to make a cover for the futon (done!) and some really cute material to make some covers for the square pillows we got at Ikea (done!) as well as some other assorted junk. We got some 120"x120" batting. I can't finish the quilt because they didn't have enough of the blue color. I'll have to go back later this week or next weekend to find some more. Anyway, John and I have been ironing and sewing stuff all weekend. My pillowcases look adorable (John picked out the print...a lime green/black mix with little people batiked on in different colors. Very. Cute.) and I'm waiting for them to get out of the dryer right now. The futon cover is a heavy denim-y feeling fabric in a cream color. We'll probably dye it eventually but for now, it is on the futon mattress and looks alright.

Right now I am just taking a break from ironing the million and a half yards of material left to iron before we cut more squares. Once I get everything done I'll take some pictures. I have no idea how we'll actually do the quilting part. I know something needs to be done so that the batting doesn't move... I just don't know how to do it. Research! I could say I'm in here doing research!

How sad is it that I've asked for a new sewing machine?

This is so not me......

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