February 14, 2003

Letters, love and otherwise.

Dear CNN,

Hours of "War!", "No War!", "War!", "No War!" talks from the UN is boring and pointless right now. However, I've been sucked in and am now listening to all the stupid mess.

Put on cartoons or something to make me laugh,

Dear Places I Applied,

Hi! Most of the jobs I've applied for recently close today. Please call me on Tuesday and love me and offer me jobs and gobs of money. I'd settle for regular hours and just little gobs of money, just so you know. Did I mention that you look great? Have you lost weight? Gotten a haircut? Tried Viagra? (hey, it worked for that guy in the commercial!) I'd also like to mention that I make a mean pot of coffee. And that my husband loves to bake! I could bring in various types of biscotti for you!

Love and Sucking-Up-ly,

Dear Family,

Sorry I have to work tonight. I will try and leave an hour early. I'd much prefer to be home with you guys.


Dear Qworst,

I still hate you. I hate you for now changing the story on why we can't have DSL. Now my area is oversold? W?T?F? Isn't there some little screen on your terminal showing you the last lie told by the last operator? Really...keeping your li..I mean stories straight would be a good thing.

Fuck Off-ily,

Dear AT&T/Comcast,

There have been a bunch of cable outages here on base. Does this mean you are working on getting cable modem here on base???


Dear World,

Ya know, some good news would be nice. Talk about bunnies and flowers and sunshine. Talk about rainbows and love and little babies. Talk about good things. Stop talking about safe rooms and plastic wrap and duct tape.

Head Stuck in the Sand-ly,

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