February 13, 2003

Not a lot to say...

Ya know, I just don't have a lot to say this week. Work is going OK. I've been a bit cranky about a few things, but nothing I can't handle or just get over.

I guess I'm just being a little introspective this week. There were a bunch of wives that logged into a local military message board that talked about their husband's getting orders to deploy. I even volunteered to help teach someone to drive so that she'd be a lot more independent while her husband is gone. I just feel bad knowing that MY husband is staying put...for now.

I'm not happy with the news and all the talk about war. I'd actually almost prefer to just stick my head in the sand and try and forget that it is happening. I can't. I try...I don't watch the news much and try to stay away from the news sites when I'm online. Everywhere I go people seem to be talking about it so I can't fully escape. I must get asked a few times a day when my husband is deploying. I guess people just assume that since he's in the Army, he must be getting orders to go someplace. I also don't have any "insider knowledge" just because he is in the Army. I wish people would stop asking "so...what is REALLY going on?" I don't have a hotline to the White House...I have no fucking idea what is really going on!

I'm glad it is Thursday and that tomorrow is Friday and then a glorious three day weekend!

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