February 09, 2003


We made it back from Ikea. Put together the complete shelves and reorganized a bunch of stuff. Then we put up the ceiling fan. (OK, John put it up and I sat on the couch and pointed the flashlight in his general direction.) John put up another set of shelves in the dining area. Not sure what we'll put there yet. Once we get rid of a few more boxes of "stuff" my living/dining room will be fit for real company! or, ya know, pictures or something. I got some cute art cards to put in a 3-picture frame for the bathroom. WildChild liked them so well she stole a set for her own bathroom.

I got the fabric washed but kinda petered out on energy before ironing it all. I'll iron it tomorrow and John and WildChild will probably put the headboard together tomorrow (if I know them).

I applied for a job here on base. Keep your fingers crossed! Even if it doesn't pay great, it would be nice to 1) have better hours and 2) be so close to home.

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Busy busy busy...

Great googley moogley am I tired!!!

Yesterday we got up early and drove up to Ikea. Goodness how I love that store! We got some more shelving units for our Ivar configuration. We stood in the Ivar section arguing about what parts we really needed and all that good stuff. We also got an incredibly great deal on part of a headboard/footboard for a bed. The usual set was like $350. We got just the headboard portion for $19. Too good to pass up! We had to drill more holes in it and all to make it fit on our existing frame, but it makes a great footboard for the bed. We couldn't build something for that amount of money!!!

We came home from Ikea and unloaded the truck and headed back out. We were in search of bolts for the frame, some lumber to finish making the headboard I want, some batting for the headboard, fabric to cover the batting and lumber (yes, we're making a padded headboard) and some other small, misc. things. Walked around Lowes and found the wood we needed. While I was waiting for John to wander around looking for staples for the staplegun I was looking at the lights. I found some great ceiling lights that I liked. The one we have in the dining room is ass-ugly and we both hate it with a passion. John looked up when he finally joined me and saw a small ceiling fan for $28. It even already had the light kit with it. We found the last one on the shelf and bought it as well.

We finally came home and sent the wildchild across the street for a slumber party (so much for her being uber-restricted, huh?) We finally got to work on the shelves. We put together the large drawer on wheels that will sit below the TV. Got all the movies and DVDs in there and moved it out of the way. Then we put together the cabinet with glass doors for the pottery stuff. We put in two small spotlights and put it up on the shelves. We need another once, since we only got about half our pottery things in there since the bottom two plates are so damn big. *sigh* Next month I think.... Anyway, we took down another set of shelves, re-arranged a bunch of things and moved the TV shelf over. We were going to put the big corner unit in and realized that we probably should have measured stuff......

So I'm heading back up to Ikea later this morning to pick up another section of shelves. We need about another 19" of shelves so that the TV isn't sitting in the corner again. Not a big deal and I might pick up one more corner shelf (those damn things are $25 each!!) I think on the way home I'll stop at Hancock's or something to look at fabric for the headboard. While I'm gone John said he would put up the ceiling fan in the dining room.

When I get home, we need to finish putting up the other shelves, put a bunch of things away and the living/dining room should be good for a while. Then we need to finish putting our headboard together. John is going to cut the wood, then we'll pad each one, attach it to some slats and then just screw the damn thing to the wall. It will be nice to not have just bare wall there. Make it feel more like a bed :)

I have to go drink more coffee and get ready for today....

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