February 07, 2003

Refer me to your leader...

Occasionally I check my referral stats...

Biggest # of referrals: "letter of reccomendation"
I have no idea on this one, really. I had talked about getting a letter of reccomendation from my boss earlier this year when I was really pissed off at him. It was posted in the blog and wasn't an entry that I even put up here in MT.

Newest strange referral: "bombing in Afghanistan"
People, this is not a news website, ok? I'm lucky to catch a half hour of HNN since I'm not usually home to watch TV. Check CNN for more up to date coverage since my entry is from 2001.

Referral that amused me the most this morning: "irrational korean mother"
This one just made me giggle. I suppose it would be because most people I know that have a Korean mother talk about how high strung Mom tends to be.

Referral that made me smile: "comfort band ring"
I liked that it reminded me of how happy I was when John got me the new wedding band for my birthday. I still haven't lost this one, but I am about to toss some yarn on it to keep it from slipping off.

Most puzzling referral: "apple morning coffee wakeup"
It was funny to read that entry again. I still remember that morning clearly and how sad I was about having to move to North Dakota.

Recurring referral not related to sex or porn: "i work too much"
This was before I got all homesick for the US and asked John to cancel the paperwork that would have kept us in Korea an extra year.

I have to say that I'm happy to see the referrals for kiddie porn have died off. I always got squicked out by searches for "11 yo girl pictures" and things like that. *shudder*

I'm supposed to be doing laundry before I leave for work so I guess this will be all for today.

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