February 06, 2003

18 lbs

I just wanted to add this since it has been a month on LowCarb...

18 motherfucking pounds people...GONE!

I'm celebrating with a glass of wine while I write this. My back feels wonderful tonight and I haven't even taken one of the magic pills. Not even a dull ache at the present moment. There might be something to having the sleep number cranked up to about 80 on my side of the bed.

Speaking of bed, I think I'll go there...

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So I didn't write when I got home. Pain people, that is what stopped me! I was kinda OK for the first class and then went downhill from there. Took another pill when I got home and promptly went to bed. Feeling OK again this morning. I just need to sit down a little more during class. Not easy when you are teaching 20 people how to do something new on the computer.

Anyway...WildChild. Story.

She spent the day at home yesterday because she was suspended. You can't imagine how damn horrified I was to hear this news. I was more horrified since I'd woken up about 5pm on Tuesday (I didn't hear her come home from school) and asked her how school was that day. Her answer? "Fine." She was in the middle of cleaning her room, which I found suspicious, but I didn't say anything. I asked if she had any homework. "No." She asked if she could go out and play with a neighbor kid and I said yes. John came home and asked if she'd told me what happened. I was still pretty groggy from the pills and must have looked at him strange. He told me that she'd been suspended for one day from school for fighting. W.T.F?!?!?! The story goes like this: She was standing in the hallway with her best friend waiting for #2BF to come out of class. Boy comes along and tries to take #1BF's stuffed animal which WildChild is holding. Boy doesn't get toy but WildChild sees fit to call Boy nasty name. Boy comes back (since he heard her) and tries to take toy again. WildChild slaps boy in the face. Boy punches WildChild in the side of the head. Boy walks off but comes back. #1BF, now worried that WildChild will be in trouble, stands between Boy and WildChild until teacher arrives. Both children are taken to the office. WildChild is suspended for one day, Boy for three.

Now, my child is NOT an aggressive child and has only hit another child when she's felt threatened in some way. I'm not saying that she shouldn't have been suspended, she should have. She DID hit Boy first. My biggest beef was with her language and what she'd called the boy. We talked about how she should have handled the whole situation and all that fun parenting stuff.

She was supposed to spend the day yesterday doing a whole list of things that John left for her. When he got home, almost none of it was done. Nevermind that I spent the morning reminding her that she needed to get things done. I think that as soon as I left for work, she just stopped working and played around for the rest of the afternoon. So now she's Uber-restricted (according to John) not only for the suspension but for not doing what she was supposed to do yesterday.

I'm not even sure what her punishment should be for this action. SUSPENDED! I mean great googly moogly, I was a bad kid in school but I was NEVER suspended. I always knew where the line was and how close I could get to it before getting in trouble. (OK, actually I was a smart-ass who was bored and ended up seeing how bad I could be mainly for the fun of it but still!) I know that at some point this weekend she's writing me a one page paper on how she could have handled the situation differently. Easy? Probably, if she was actually paying attention to what we were saying the other night. I have flashbacks of saying whatever I thought would make things easier on me when I was in trouble. My intuition tells me that she is doing the same thing.

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