February 04, 2003

so ya know...

I did go take the test. THEN I went to the doctor. Flexeril is good GOOD stuff people! If I wasn't so damn looped on the stuff I would write a lovely Ode To Flexeril but I fear it would suck muchly right at this minute. Like...

Flexeril Flexeril you so good
People can't buy you in da hood
I was wishing I was dead
Now I'm happy in my bed.

See? I told you!

The test? It was muy easy and I was one of the first people done. I should get a letter some time in March telling me I am lovely and on the "list" of employment. Keep your fingers crossed, OK? I'm also going to finish another application in Seattle. Keep your fingers crossed for that one, too!

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I did something to my lower back. No sex jokes please, as it hurts too damn much to laugh.

I tried to go to work yesterday. The actual drive wasn't that bad since I've got the seat heaters and I cranked it way up on the highest setting. Unfortunately, you eventually get to where you are going and have to get out of the car. I walked into the building like I was 90 years old...teetering and slow. My boss looked at me and said he could cover my shifts. I stayed for the awards ceremony and then came home and waited to die. I slept off and on. It would have been more 'on' but John and WildChild kept checking on me since I've not taken a real "stay the hell home!" sick day in a long, LONG time.

I'm going to go see the doctor on base this morning. I'm supposed to be going to take a test. That makes me sad. My back, however, will thank me when I get some better pain meds than Aleve.

Pay attention to your lifting techniques...your back will thank you when you are done moving things. Remember, bend at the knees, not at the waist!

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