January 26, 2003

Lazy weekend

It is yet again another lazy weekend here at home. The weather is not cooperating in the least so going outside isn't a big draw. WildChild and I haven't even bothered to get dressed yet and it is already 1:30 in the afternoon. John did get dressed to run to work to pick up some things that he wanted to work on today during the "big game". I can't complain, this is really the only game he'll watch during football season. I'm lucky to not be a football widow.

On Friday my older sister sent me about a million (or 50) pictures in email. She spent a lot of time setting up the pictures, taking a picture with the digital camera and then uploading them all to send to me. Thank you sweetie!!! I'll be printing some out soon to take to work. It was pretty nice taking that trip down memory lane. I hope that between the pictures she sends and the ones from my little sister, I can show the WildChild what my own childhood was like. She always asks about why I don't have any pictures and I sidestep that conversation and just state that I just don't have them.

I'm still crossing my fingers for some of the job applications that I sent off. I should finish the application for the county this weekend so that it is all complete before the test in February. I'm not really worried about the test since I passed it once already. I'd just like a normal day job....is that asking too much? I know that John has a bunch of field time coming up this year as well as the possibility of deployment. I'd like to NOT be working every night until almost 11pm. Good job vibes will be appreciated until I get a job!

I think I'll go hop in the shower, find something to eat for breakfast (shut up!) and see what I can watch on TV other than the game.

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