January 23, 2003

You must have been a beautiful baby...

Thanks to my older sister and dad, I have some pictures of me when I was younger!

Notice in this picture how I am artfully turned to the side. Yes, that is a black eye and I still remember how I got it. I was five and always wanted to do whatever my older sister was doing. We were running up the basement stairs and she was skipping one or two steps at a time. I was trying to do the same and at the top I missed and went tumbling back down. Of course, it was the night before school pictures.

Here is a picture of my Dad and I when I was baptized. Looks like I was probably a little cranky. Must have been morning time.

This is one with the three girls at Christmas time. I would say that either my mom was pregnant with my brother, had just had him or something. (I don't have the original picture so I'm not real sure what year it is. It looks like I might be about six?) Anyway....not one damn word about the hat, ok??

This is a picture of a picture that my sister sent me yesterday morning. She's the cute blonde holding me, the fat infant.

Another one with my sister. She labeled this as 1967, so I'm guessing Spring time? I would have turned one in June of '67. Again, I'll be the pudgy baby in the stroller. At least, I think that is a stroller.

This picture had obviously seen better days. It is me though. Eighth grade. I even remember the damn sweater I'm wearing. It had been the first year we were really allowed to start school shopping on our own.

So uh, there you have it. Proof that I didn't just sprout from the earth at the age of 18. This should also be a BIG HINT to my little sister to get her butt in gear and MAIL some PICTURES to me.*

*-This subliminal message brought to you badly by the letters Q and X.

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