January 22, 2003

Did I say I enjoy teaching???

Man...last night my students ran me ragged while trying to teach them new software. We'd started the lesson, which runs for three days, on Friday. Unfortunately, we then had a three day weekend and all the information I so lovingly poured into their heads on Friday leaked out and left completely. Thankfully one of my students is almost completely finished with the assignment (a day early, YAY!) and can help me out tonight with all the questions. I'm hoping that only having a 24 hour brain-leakage lag will mean less questions and confusion tonight.

And speaking of tonight....I have this horrible feeling that my boss totally forgot something that I told him. See, we're rolling out some new curriculum for some specific teachers. I'm the contact/mentor person for the evening staff so I am supposed to be present for their training this evening. I remember specifically telling my boss that I needed to have a sub for this evening. From talking to him last night (I might have just been brain dead though) it sounded like I wasn't getting a sub. It shouldn't be too bad...if need be I can drag some other instructors in to just babysit them while I'm doing the training on the new stuff. I hope. Maybe. I don't know...but I do know that it will most likely be a huge madhouse at school today.

I guess that means I should go take my vitamins, have another few cups of coffee and get my exercise in now, huh?

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