January 21, 2003

Funny, it only FEELS like Monday...

I think I was pretty worthless all weekend. The weather sucked and we all seemed to have the life just sucked out of us. We putzed around the house and cleaned things here and there. All the laundry is done and the floors are all clean and after a few attempts, even the WildChild's room is clean!

John was trying to fix a little problem on the Jetta. My windshield washer thingy doesn't seem to hold any fluid. After giving me a hard time about how much washer fluid I was using, he noticed that it had all leaked out overnight. (SEE?? Wasn't me!!) Well, in the process of getting to the pump (which has to be replaced) he disconnected the battery. This usually wouldn't be a problem, but we didn't have the code for the anti-theft thingy. Yesterday we went to the dealership, got the code, and ordered a new pump. We couldn't figure out how to make the stupid stereo stop saying SAFE and show us the numbers so that we could enter the code. We followed the directions in the book, still didn't work. Called the dealership and followed their instructions. Still didn't work. Since the pump should be in today, John kept my car and will take it in there to see what the problem is with the stereo and see if they can make it work again. Talk about a pain in the ass! This is a good lesson...don't EVER let the battery die in the Jetta since it is a pain in the ass to make the stereo work again!

OOOHHHHH, while we were there we stopped and looked at two of the new convertible Beetles. *sigh* I want one! Ya'll need to keep your fingers crossed that I get the higher paying job so I can afford to pay my bills off faster and then buy myself a convertible! The back seat is TINY but that isn't important. I loved it! Of course, being a convertible I would have to get one of those high tech alarms that chirps and speaks when you get too close to the car. "Step away from the car butthead!" or something like that.

I spent some quality time with the couch playing the new Harry Potter game on PS2. It was fun but I realized that I'm no good at puzzle games since I read a walkthrough and I missed about half of the wizarding cards I should have. Oh well, I guess that means I'll have to play again!

I also bought John a new dremel tool. It was actually kind of selfish of me. I wanted to do my own nails again. I bought all of the stuff and gave myself a fill. I wasn't quite happy with the place I was going and damnit, is it too much to ask for a nail place to have english speaking people so I can have an actual conversation while getting my nails done?? Anyway, I did my nails last night and I like them. I see some places that I should have filed better but all in all, not a bad job.

I see that the County is opening the register for Admin Assistants again. Of course I will apply and go take the test next month. Keep your fingers crossed for that one as well, OK?

I'm off to go walk on the treadmill and leave the phone line open in case someone would like to call and offer me a fabulous new job. Have a great day!

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