January 17, 2003


I'm still working on job applications. I'm a little ticked off that the military website for GS positions here is completely down and I can't edit/update my online resume with them. I was pretty happy to see that I'd been referred to a few jobs. I think that I would be referred to more if I updated though and I can't do that this morning! Hopefully the system will be back up this weekend.

I'm so glad it is Friday! John is off today, of course. WildChild tried to convince him that she needed to stay home today because she's got a stuffy nose. He didn't fall for it. I'll have him stop at the store and get her some good meds and keep her medicated this weekend so that she feels better by Tuesday. I need to help her do a little more research for her big project at the end of the month. She's found some good things so far and liked what I found for her as well. Now I think we just need to find an easy recipe for her to make/share with everyone and make sure that we've got everything (cups, spoons, etc. in addition to whatever she decides to make) for her to take to school.

I saw another damn person "watching TV" in the car on the way home last night. This time the woman obviously wasn't paying that much attention to the road. I was behind her for a few minutes and she couldn't keep a constant speed (she kept going slower than 60) so I tried to pass her. I don't know if she thought I was a new kind of pace car or something, but she then proceeded to try and keep up with me staying even with my rear quarterpanel. Uh...hello? If someone is trying to fucking pass you, LET THEM! It isn't a damn game to try and make sure they can't get in front of you, especially if you are busy watching something on a screen in your car.

At least it didn't seem like she was watching porn!

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