January 16, 2003

Job Applications

Lest you think I'm slacking, I spent my morning filling out online job applications and MS Word applications and downloading application instructions.

Keep your fingers crossed for the online job. It sounds like a pretty good job and they pay really REALLY well. Good thoughts, vibes, prayers, finger-crossing and mystic dances will be appreciated greatly. I'll even buy the first round if I get hired!

The other jobs are all good, but I really want the first one. At this point I think I would be thrilled if anyone would just fucking interview me! Have I mentioned how much the job market sucketh ass up here?

The first day of full-day training went well. I was a hardass with one of my students who just feels the need to test all the limits of my patience. I must have made some kind of impression because he came back from first break and apologized not only for his actions but for the comments he'd made. By the third hour I only had to look in his direction to cut him off before he even started. Of course, last hour, new teacher and he's acting up again. Yes, I swear I teach adults but you'd really wonder some days to listen to me describe some of the students. My boss said I'd handled everything right with the one student and the rest of the class seemed pretty happy with the calmness that eventually followed. Gee...only 28 more weekdays with this class.

Keep your fingers crossed for a day job, alright?

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