January 15, 2003

hot wings, baby pictures, and now it is time for bed

"yes Virginia, that is a vagina"

That was the title my little sister suggested for yesterday's entry about the jerk-off in the car. Yes, the damn pun was intended!

Nothing much going on today. Had a potluck at school and I was so good, I only had hot wings! Then I promptly left the room before I made a fool out of myself diving headlong into one of the sheet cakes. Really, it was just best for everyone involved that I left.

I start teaching full time tomorrow. I'm dreading and looking forward to it all at the same time. I'll miss my lazy afternoons here, taking my time getting ready to go to work. If I keep waking up at 6am though, it won't be much different. Same amount of hours, different times.

I would like to make a public reminder to my little sis to find some of my baby pictures and send them to me so that I have them before the 28th. See...you all are my witnesses now. I asked her and reminded her.

Who will start the betting pool on when I actually GET the pictures?

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