January 14, 2003

While driving down the freeway...

I may have seen the proverbial "everything" now. Really. I'm. Not. Kidding.

I was driving home from work tonight and saw something that almost made me swevre off the damn road...

A car passed me in the left lane. He wasn't going much faster than I was, maybe a few miles per hour over my speed. I glanced over and just about lost control of the car. There were two little TV screens in this man's car. On those screens....porn. We're talking EXTREME-closeup-count-the-pubic-hairs porn! I'm not even sure how you could get a camera THAT close! It was as if this jerk-off was passing people and slowing just a bit for a minute or so so that we all could enjoy the fuck-show with him. Then he would speed up a little and do the same thing to the next car.

Really people, do you NEED to be watching porn while you drive? Do you NEED to show me said porn while I am driving? And good googly moogly, please tell me that both hands are on the steering wheel!

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