January 10, 2003

What the hell just happened here?

I have either done an incredibly stupid thing or an incredibly nice thing....

The WildChild just called my cell. "Mom, I brought my grade up to an A- since I turned in all the missing rubics...can I please please PLEASE go to the dance this afternoon at school with WildFriend?" I asked her if she'd called John, since he would have to be the one to go pick her up. She said she tried at work and his cell...no answer at either place. I waffled for a bit, asked again about the grade, asked if proof of alleged grade would be coming home with her (it will be) and then told her yes, she could go.

I immediately called John's cell when I got off the phone to leave him a voicemail. Of course, he won't check the actual message until he's called all of the "missed call" numbers on the list. Yes, I KNOW it is backwards of him, but that is just the way he operates. Anyway, I left him the message about picking her up at WildFriend's house. I also told him that if he was going to be unable to do this, to call the school before 3pm and let them know that she needs to get on the bus to come home. My luck is he'll check his messages at 3:15 and be pissed off. Too late for her to catch the bus home.

I'm sitting here trying to not feel like I was just suckered into this.

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Oh look, an assignment sheet from school!

I have to go into work earlier today. I forgot to leave a note for John and WildChild letting them know that I won't be home when the WildChild is. It isn't THAT big a deal, since the house will only be unlocked for about a half an hour. I just hope she doesn't flip out when she doesn't see my car.

She left the assignment sheet for her upcoming project here on my desk. It sounds pretty neat....they are studying the Middle Ages and they have some options on the project. They can either make a Manor, Monestary, Suit of Armor or food. I'm thinking we will go with the food since this IS due by the 29th. I've been looking up some different recipes for her to look at and decide what she would like to make. Food project to share with the class and the teacher...means a better grade, right?

I need to think of different report subjects for my classes at night. For some reason this class I'm currently teaching had a very difficult time with the research and writing of this report. The basic subject was the idea of an employee going to another country to open a branch office....what kinds of things would that employee need to know before they go? I was looking for things like business ettiquette, weather, currency...things like that. Unfortunately, another teacher got them a little confused and was pointing them down the whole financial side of things with taxation and contracts and such.

I'm tempted to revert back to the idea of letting them do the report on the subject of their choice, as long as it is business related somehow. I will definately have to have the "subject to be approved by the teacher" caveat.

Time to go do some dishes and figure out what in the heck I'm going to wear to school today.

PS - still no cheats on the low carb eating! Go me!

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