January 06, 2003

Last Holidailies entry

So this is the end of Holidailies. I would like to think that I did fulfill my duties to post every day as often as possible. I was doing pretty good until the end of the month when we had some internet problems. Either way, I did discover a bunch of new journals for me to read every day and that has made it all worth it in the end.

Today was just a strange day. I was under the assumption that it was the 5th. When you are working on a job application that will take a few hours and you see that said application needs to be IN the office by 5pm on the 6th...better check the date. I realized at about 2:45 how damn wrong I was about what day it is. I had to quickly hurry up and finish the letters, run through the shower and get dressed so that I was ready to run out the door at 3:30 when the WildChild got home. Yes, I did make it to the office in time so it all worked out in the end.

When I got to work, I asked one of my supervisors if it was still OK to use him as a business reference. He laughed, said it was fine and that I should speak with the evening supervisor. It turns out that there could be another possibility for me to work full time at school, teaching my current progress period. There is even another remote possibility that I could end up working days instead of nights! I agreed to the interim full time gig starting next Friday. No matter what, we can use the extra money AND I don't have to be teaching the beginning students. Keep your fingers crossed that I end up on days, OK? It would certainly free up some time in the evenings for important things...like watching Joe Millionaire!

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