January 05, 2003


So uh...today would be the day we start our new way of eating. We never did get to Costco on Friday since John had to work late. We did go yesterday and spent wayyyyyy too much money. That is OK though, since we've got enough food for like over a month. And some new towels. And some print cartridges for my printer. And new wiper blades for both vehicles. And a new pillow for the back of the couch. And enough shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toothpaste to last for months and months.

I'm just finishing up my breakfast right now. Poached eggs and some bacon. John, that smart man, bought an egg poacher for the microwave. After two mornings I am honestly wondering how I ate low carb before owning this little thing!! It is one of the best things I've ever owned! (And really, how sad is my life if I am getting THIS excited about an egg poacher of all things??)

We're going shoe shopping for the wildchild today. We were going to go yesterday but she was so damn cranky and moody we told her to stay home. She did eventually see the error of her ways and did some laundry to suck up. It worked, of course. Any time someone wants to do my laundry I will react favorably. Anyway...shoes, wildchild, shopping. We tried on probably five different kinds of shoes at the PX on Friday. None fit of course. It is becoming painfully clear that she has my wide feet. No cute strappy shoes for the wildchild. I'm honestly ready to go buy her some Docs. We're heading to Nordstroms since I know they carry a nice selection of wide shoes. She needs two pair of tennis shoes and a pair of "other" shoes. Some every day shoes for school I guess.

Time to get everyone showered and dressed since we've had breakfast/lunch. Wish me luck....I don't want to have to kill her while out in public.

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